Friday, January 5, 2018


Guess I won't be getting a new MacBook Pro anytime soon, at least not until there's a model with a Meltdown-free and Spectre-free processor in it. Heh. I'm actually still quite happy with my Mid 2012 MBP. The SD card slot doesn't let me write to cards anymore, though it will still read from them; I've got an external card hub for the rare occasions when I do need to write to one. The built-in AirPort card seems to have quit for good several months back, but again, I've got a USB WiFi adapter for when I need it.

I just decided a few days ago to finally spring for an internal SSD. I'll be replacing the 1 TB hard disk with a 2 TB SSD, which will both give me plenty of breathing space and make the computer peppy again. (While I'm in there making the swap, maybe I'll take a look at that AirPort card, too.) The laptop itself is still fine, with a 2.7 GHz Core i7 and 16 GB of RAM. The newer MacBook Pros' better display and Touch Bar aren't really enough to convince me to make a purchase; frankly, it'd be a downgrade as far as the ports go. And it's nice to still have an optical drive, even if I don't use it too very often.

Yes, with any luck, the SSD will keep Minerva humming along until a MBP comes along with a truly next-generation microprocessor in it, one without Intel's ancient flaw baked into it. As for my iPhone 7 Plus, well, not in any rush to replace that, either. Sorry, Apple.

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