Thursday, January 4, 2018


I've been saying it for years: the older I get, the less I want to deal with New Jersey winters. Oh, I know there are so many places that get it so much worse, but today's "bomb cyclone" or Winter Storm Grayson is kinda the cherry on top. It's the exception and not the norm, at least thus far, but blizzard conditions, frigid cold, and a subpar public transportation system coupled with generally pedestrian-unfriendly towns/cities just make it harder and harder to deal with this season.

The wind is still howling out there occasionally. The temperature is supposed to drop to around 8 degrees Fahrenheit over the next ten hours or so. I expect the roadways tomorrow morning to again be filled with people who are overconfident in their cars' abilities and their own driving skills, and oblivious to the fact that even if they are that good, maybe it's not their cars and their driving they should be worried about. Sure, plow on by at 65 when the speed's been restricted to 45 because of the wind and the road conditions! Nah, you're not too close to the car in front of you at all; inch up a little closer!

While I appreciate that NJ's southern and coastal counties got hit far harder, earlier on, it's also annoying that it wasn't until after 2 PM, after Bergen County (where I live and work) had been pummeled for hours, that Governor Christie finally declared a state of emergency for the rest of us. I was already preparing to leave work at that point anyway, the last of my colleagues to stay behind in the office. We seem to have ended up with around six inches of now - again, not a lot in the grand scheme of things, but coupled with the high winds and the cold, it made for treacherous travel.

At least I did get home earlier than usual, with time to Netflix and- well, warm up. 'Twas good to watch "Doctor Strange" a second time, too.

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