Wednesday, January 3, 2018


I'm a huge "X-Files" fan. Television in general doesn't hold that much interest for me, and it's rare that I really get into a show, but I was hooked from that first airing of the pilot way back in 1993. Stuck with the show 'til the end in 2002, too, and watched both films, and I was thrilled when the show come back with a short season in 2016. Tonight, my friend Yesika and I caught the premiere of season 11. (Also got to try Jersey Mike's Subs for the first time: yum!)

I enjoyed season 10, even if it was uneven, and I thought its premiere was good, but tonight's episode was much better. I'm curious and apprehensive about how things will get tied up at the end of the season, as Gillian Anderson has already stated that this will be it for her. The show could conceivably continue with Einstein and Miller picking up the reins from Mulder and Scully, but... Guess we'll have to check out the next nine episodes to see where this goes.

I want to believe.

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