Saturday, January 6, 2018


Y'know, I get that people are going to jump and shriek at a horror movie. The occasional scream, the occasional nervous laugh, that's fine. But Yesika and I went to see "Insidious: The Last Key" tonight, and there was just way too much chatter in the audience. The people to my left were carrying on a conversation during at least the first fifteen minutes of the movie. Even if you lack the social skills or the courtesy to understand, or care, that you're being rude to others, wouldn't you want to get your $11+ worth by actually paying attention to the frakkin' movie? Then there were other people laughing (too loud, too long) at scenes that really weren't funny at all.

The movie itself was entertaining, and even I reacted to a couple of jump scares. I recognized the voice of Kirk Acevedo (Jose Ramse from SyFy's "Twelve Monkeys") long before I even saw his face clearly. Looks like they've set up a way to continue the films, or at least a spinoff series, if they decide to go that route. Which is fine, but I kinda feel like we need more standalone movies, of any genre, than series. The occasional sequel may be warranted, but when you start stretching a gimmick past two movies, you often end up becoming predictable, boring, and/or just plain sad. I don't think "Insidious" has gotten there just yet, but I hope they quit before they do.

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