Sunday, November 27, 2011

Episode VII: A New Beginning

November has been a busy month.  Laura moved in with me, and the two of us are still adjusting to life together, and cooking together, and all the little and big things that change when one lives with someone else.  So far, however, so good.  Very good, even, and I'm not anticipating any major changes to that wholesome goodness.  Well, OK, "wholesome" is relative...

The day after moving in with me, Laura got to meet my parents and my sister and her family (including my two nephews) for the first time at my sister's birthday party.  My love was a bit nervous about it, but all turned out well, as I'd expected, and everyone had a nice time there.

A week after she moved in, I had to leave Laura home alone for several hours while I went to an Ani DiFranco concert with Jenn, Rhonda, and Amanda.  It was a great show, and I'm looking forward to Ani's new album next year, but it felt good to get back home after the show.

A few days after that was Thanksgiving, and Laura and I went to my parents' house for dinner and had a great, overstuffed meal, to which we brought mashed white sweet potatoes, apple pie, and wine.  Laura got to meet one additional family member, Degas the degu, and was quite pleased to meet him.  It was also Laura's birthday, and mom and dad had a cake and presents for her.  The next day, we were taken out for dinner by Laura's mom and had another nice time.

On Saturday, it was my turn to meet some furry faces, as we went to central Pennsylvania to pick up the rest of Laura's stuff and to bring home Priscilla and Meguilla, our "chinchildren." (I managed to bang up both of my calves during a chase scene involving a botched leap into the back of the U-Haul van after we'd gotten home, but otherwise everyone made the trip just fine.)  Yes, Laura and I have a family of chinchillas now, and the girls are so cute that I had to share: ChinchillaCam is at if you're interested!
Prissy is the bolder of the two

A busy month, but a good'un.  Let's see what December has in store...  <#

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