Sunday, October 30, 2011

So Much Happy

Laura and I had occasionally discussed the possibility of her moving in, probably not before the holidays, but neither of us wanted to rush it.  At first.  As the weeks went by, we started joking; "Well, Columbus Day is a holiday... we never really specified which holidays..."  While my business trip to Orlando this month was a bit rough on both of us, it also seemed to paradoxically bring us closer together, and this past Thursday, when the subject came up again, I remarked that, as far as I was concerned, she could really move in whenever she wanted...

...and so, this surprisingly snowy weekend at the tail end of October, Laura and I brought over half her stuff up the stairs to my apartment.  No, she's not completely moved in yet, and she's not living here until her two-week notice at work is up, but it's a done deal at this point, and we're both excited and happy about it.  I knew I held on to this three-bedroom apartment for a reason...  Heh!  "You know it's gonna make it that much better / when we can say 'good night' and stay together..."

We hadn't expected to see the year's first snowfall together before Halloween, but of course that's just what happened, and I couldn't help but sing "It's snowing, it's snowing! / God, I hate this weather..." from They Might Be Giants' "New York City" to her as we sloshed our way back from breakfast through the snow yesterday morning.  Luckily, I only seem to have lost power very briefly, while we were out at dinner, and the snow didn't wreak too much havoc around me, though there are numerous tree limbs and branches down in the area.

I'm lovin' my new iPhone 4S (though there are a few apps and tweaks I'll miss until there's a jailbreak for it) and getting a kick from playing with Siri a bit.  So far, she's understood everything I've said to her, and she's already aware that Laura is my girlfriend. ;-)  She's also apparently aware of where her towel is:

I also got Athena, my beast of a MacBook Pro, repaired (well, the display, as well as an issue on the logic board), and while I could've done without the added expense, it's wonderful to have her working at full capacity again.  Which reminds me, I'm overdue for a backup.  Talk to you later... <#