Thursday, September 29, 2022

National Coffee Day AND My Birthday

Yep, another year older today. Gonna get a free coffee from Dunkin', and maybe a free donut from Duck Donuts, so there's that.

Truth be told, I'm not bothered by birthdays. No, not even mine. It hasn't been the easiest year (and you're right, this is my first 'blog post since New Year's, no one seemed to miss 'em much), but it hasn't been 2020, either, and plenty of fun times were had and great trips were taken and amazing memories were made. With more to come shortly.

Two years ago today, I released "She." One year ago, she, the woman I love, gave me a left-handed ukulele for my birthday. Less than two months later, I'd started putting together some ideas for a new song that would include some ukulele. Several months after that, with no lyrics or even a title yet, I put this up on TikTok as a teaser. (Yeah, I'm on TikTok now. No, I haven't done any challenges. Yet.)

A title did eventually come to me: "Spark Rekindled." And I've written the lyrics, though they're subject to change; while I've figured out most of the music, there might still be some tweaking to come, which could require additional tweaking to the lyrics. Overall, I'm pleased with what I've written, which is, of course, about her, or rather about us.

Having dithered over said lyrics, I finished them last night. There are a few lines borrowed and/or repurposed from other songwriters (feel free to look for them here), and even from myself, but mostly they're new and true. I enjoy throwing words together. I really do. These took me a while because there was a lot I wanted to say, and I wanted to say it well. I could easily double the length of the lyrics, but nobody needs that, and it would probably halve the quality of the finished song. Which, yes, I do still need to finish. (Sorry to keep you waiting, honey.) In the past, I've tended to record songs pretty quickly once I've figured out the tune and the words. This one has been slow-brewed, and poked and prodded a bit. Hopefully, I'll get that recording by the end of the year, and then there are two or three other ideas that have been floating around in my head for a while that should really get outta there.

Anyway, whether you wish me a happy birthday or not, whether you like or listen to my music or not, I wish you a good day, and get yourself a free coffee if you can. Oh, and check out this AI-generated artwork from DALL·E 2. Sign up for your own free account if you're into that kinda thing.

An impressionist guitar with a coffee mug amid birthday celebrations

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