Sunday, February 4, 2018


Yeah, it's Super Bowl Sunday. No, I don't care. Those who know me know I have no interest in sportsball at all. OK, I'll watch the occasional game of football/soccer, and I've been to one basketball game and a handful of baseball games. I don't feel the tribal tug that causes people to pick and stand by teams, and hate others, though, and American football in particular just doesn't do anything for me. Overly large men in tight pants chasing each other over a ball and suffering serious head (and other) injuries? With a clock that stops every few seconds, and far too many over-the-top commercials, so that the Super Bowl runs for hours with only around sixty minutes of action? No, thank you.

And no, I don't care about the halftime show, either. I did tune in for Prince, and the Who, during their respective shows years ago, but Justin Timberlake just isn't my kind of performer, with or without Janet Jackson. Sure, some of the commercials are actually a lot of fun, but hey, that's what YouTube is for.

I am curious about how many players decide to take a knee. I also wish that people would cut through the bullshit and acknowledge that the protest is not about the flag, or the national anthem, or current or former members of the military. They've found a quiet, non-violent way to send a message that things need to change and the things the flag is supposed to stand for should apply to them, too... yet some refuse to hear the message and prefer to focus on the delivery, as if the biggest challenge to American society is sportsballers not showing the 'proper' respect for the flag and the anthem.

I can't help thinking that the time and money that goes into advertising for/during the game, and that people spend preparing for and attending the game and/or parties, could be spent so much better. Not going to suggest how, but really, I'm sure you could think of worthier causes for your time and money than the league and the team owners and players and the television network. Everyone, even the people who consider themselves rebels and don't care what anyone else thinks, is so conditioned to have to be into football, however, that they just go with it. Fine. Enjoy your sportsball, sheeple. Heh. As for me, I'll be having some pizza and beer later, but I'm going to pick something on Netflix or Amazon to watch.

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