Saturday, February 3, 2018


I'm tired of having video content forced on me. Whether it's online news, or Facebook, or Twitter, or Cracked, or just about anywhere else, I'm there to read, not to watch. Those Facebook posts/shares where it starts off looking like just a picture and some text, then you realize there's music and it's actually a video... those annoy the hell out of me. And when I do see a video on Facebook that intrigues or amuses me, only to be interrupted with a "video will continue after ad" message, well, you've lost me. No video is worth the aggravation. Next.

The real nuisance is the news, though. If I click on a news link, I want to read an article. I don't want to see listicles and collections of memes in place of true reporting, and I certainly don't want a video that automatically starts playing when the page loads. What's that? There's only a video on the page, with no article to read at all? Goodbye. :::click:::

I'm aware that this makes me the exception and not the norm (OK, not just this...), especially in this YouTube world, but this is how I feel. I've got nothing against YouTube, and I'll certainly enjoy content there, but I just don't want everything spoonfed to me in video format. Even when I had cable TV, I very rarely watched the news.

Maybe I should make a 'vlog post about this topic.

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