Thursday, January 11, 2018


Maybe we need to implement some kind of "national leaders exchange program." Trump presides in Zimbabwe for six months, Angela Merkel comes to the U.S., Theresa May goes to North Korea, Kim Jong-un ends up in Iran, Michel Temer stinks up Denmark instead of Brazil, et cetera. Force them to deal with different constitutions, different constituents, and media and political bases keen to scrutinize them, and see how things turn out. Six months away, six months home, then it's off to another country altogether. Could be refreshing for everybody.

Or maybe I just think that almost any current world leader would be an improvement over the one we've got. At least Congress and the cabinet would be more likely to hold someone else to account. It'd also be fun to hear about Trump's failings in what he would refer to as a "shithole country."

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