Monday, June 19, 2017

Birthday Plans with the Killer?

Want to do something for my birthday in September? Yes, my last 'blog post was all about how I mostly end up going to concerts and events on my own, but that's not generally because I don't like to have company.

I've been thinking about going to a Jerry Lee Lewis concert for several years now, but I've decided against it several times simply because they're a bit on the expensive side. On September 29th, though, the Killer will be at B.B. King's in New York again, and I've determined that I'm going this time. One, because too damned many good musicians are dying (David Bowie and Chuck Berry I never got to see, and Prince and Chris Cornell I wish I could see again), and two, because not only is September 29th my birthday... it's Jerry Lee's, too. 'Course, he's 35 years older...

Yeah, tickets aren't cheap. General admission is $125, and frankly, what I'd like to do is reserve a booth for four or for six at $165 a pop. Yes, those prices are just to get in. I know. I'm going to this show regardless, but if I end up going alone, I'll probably just get a general admission ticket. If three, or five, of my friends are willing to commit to shelling out $165 each to join me, however, then I'll see about getting a reserved booth when the Amex presale starts on Wednesday. Or if you want to go the general admission route and save the forty bucks, that's fine, too, though that is first come, first served.

Not beggin' anyone here.  ;-)  Like I said, I'm going either way. I know the admission's steep, and I know Jerry Lee Lewis' music is not to everyone's taste, so if you want to pass, no big deal. If you want to join me, though, there'll be a whole lotta shakin' going on! And maybe great balls of fire. I hear there's an ointment for that, though. Heh.

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