Friday, August 23, 2013


Ten years ago today, Gina and I started our relationship together, though I don't think either of us realized right away that that was what was happening.  It didn't last forever, as I'd hoped, nor did it maintain the initial burning intensity for more than... I don't know, the first eight months or so, but it was a big part of my life.  Anyway, that's long past, and I'm not commemorating it or anything; I mention all this only because the date's still stuck in my head.  I've always been enchanted by numbers in general, and particularly by dates, and they tend to stubbornly implant themselves into my brain.  (Yes, ladies, I'm the exception to the rule, the guy who will remember anniversaries and birthdays!)

Speaking of birthdays, my nephew Shawn's is coming up, and I'll be going to his party on Sunday, September 8th.   There's a guitar/bass flea market in Rahway on Saturday, September 14th that I'm thinking about checking out.  I don't really need any new musical gear, I don't think, but... what the hell.  I'm starting to spend more time playing guitar again, and I want to get back to recording, too.  I'm also thinking about running in a 5K in Lyndhurst on Sunday, September 15th.  With any luck, I'll do a little better than Slime's Doug the Slug.  Feel free to come cheer me on, or assist the EMTs in identifying me.  Whatever.  If I do it, it will be my first 5K, and I'll have Laura to thank for getting me to even consider it.

Then there's Saturday, September 21st.  That was supposed to be Laura's and my wedding date, four days after what would've been our two-year anniversary together.  Clearly, we're not getting married now (though a few people seem to have missed the news, leading to painful awkwardness all around), but I think we're still getting together that day.  Circumstances have been difficult for both of us, but we still care for each other, and it'll be nice to spend the day with each other even if it's not the way we'd originally planned.  She's more a part of my life than Gina ever was.

Of course, I'm probably not going to see her for my birthday the following weekend (the 29th, in fact), and that is going to suck.  The week between our wedding day and my birthday was intended to be our honeymoon in Maine, and I haven't decided how I'm going to spend it now.  Regardless, I'm going to be well aware of the fact that I'll be alone when I wasn't supposed to be...

To try to keep it from being the worst birthday ever, I believe I'm going to buy myself a new toy, that Google Nexus 7 tablet I've wanted for a while.  Depending on when it becomes available, and how much petty cash I have left, I may snag the new iPhone, too.  (Note: this isn't a "hint" to throw me a big surprise party or buy me anything.  I've had my big parties, and I'm not especially materialistic.  It's just that I was expecting to be newly wed on my birthday, and instead I'll be... well, you know.)

Some days are better than others, although every day I come home from work, I still look for a car that I know isn't going to be there.  I'm not simply sitting around moping, however.  Sure, I'm doing a little moping, but I'm also coping, and I've been getting together with friends and family, playing some loud electric guitar (and jamming with my Not An Exit mate, Jon), making healthy fruit smoothies, enjoying "Under the Dome," walking, running on the treadmill, playing with the chinchilla and the cat (not at the same time!), working on Slime, and heading out to see live music (think I may go check out another band tonight, as a matter of fact).  I'm still doing things.  I'm just finding them a little less fun without someone with whom to share them.

Like Medjool dates.  They are really tasty.  Laura and I both like 'em very much, and she'd share them with me.  :-)

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