Sunday, June 2, 2024

You Can

You can:
  • keep #AllEyesOnRafah but still want peace and security for Israel, too
  • support a people's/nation's right to exist and thrive in peace without excusing the violent actions of those claiming to defend it
  • separate the behavior of a regime from the will of its people
  • support an ideology, a policy, a political party or person without demonizing and threatening those opposed
  • defend an organization or group while condemning bad apples within it
  • protest against or in favor of something/someone without becoming belligerent, violent, and/or destructive
  • have an opinion or belief which is not based on fact, as long as you understand the difference
  • acknowledge the facts even when they contradict your feelings
  • stand by while others do something you dislike and disagree with, if no one is being hurt by it
  • refrain from trying to be the center of attention
  • measure twice and cut once
  • learn from history
  • focus on problem-solving over finger-pointing
  • indicate that you plan to make a turn or change lanes in your vehicle by using your turn signals ahead of time
  • say what you want and accept the consequences
  • have a thought (or reasonable facsimile thereof) without immediately blasting it out to the world via social media
  • take a moment to verify whether something is true before posting or sharing it
  • remain silent at the risk of being thought a fool, rather than talking and removing all doubt of it
  • consider other experiences and points of view, even those you can't understand
  • change your mind, and acknowledge it
  • apologize when you're wrong and still retain your dignity
  • admit that most things aren't black and white, but have shades of grey
  • acknowledge someone's accomplishments and misdeeds, without them canceling each other out (see: shades of grey)
  • let it be
  • compromise and negotiate
  • agree to disagree, without being disagreeable
  • put together a list like this without relying on AI

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