Tuesday, February 27, 2018


"Congress looks for more clarity from Trump as it weighs response to Florida school shootings." What a load of dingoes' kidneys. First of all, clarity?!? From Trump?!? Then, since when does the co-equal legislative branch of government need guidance or clarity from the executive? I don't recall Republican or Democratic members of Congress waiting to hear what response Barack Obama, George W. Bush, or other presidents wanted from them on one issue or another. Sure, there will often be a lot of partisan falling in line, but it's telling that the GOP senators and members of Congress (not to mention the Democratic ones) can't even be sure in which direction Trump will ultimately lean.

And perhaps most importantly of all, on an issue as large as this one, grow a gods-damned spine. Whether you feel strongly that certain weapons should be banned, or that loopholes need to be closed and background checks need to be more rigorous, or that everything's just fine the way it is and this will all blow over sooner or later... search your feelings (you know it to be true), stake out your position, and stick to it (while retaining the right to evolve it), regardless of what the person in the Oval Office thinks. Plenty of U.S. Senators and Representatives have countered plenty of Presidents, whether they were in the same political party or not. If you can't hold an opinion or propose a policy change (or no change at all) without first hearing what Donnie "Out of His Element" Trump thinks, don't wait 'til your term is over. Just head for the exit door now, and let someone with a backbone and a brain at the upper end of it win your seat.

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