Sunday, February 25, 2018


Why didn't anyone tell me "The Tick" was back?!? While I'd been apprehensive when Amazon Video announced the new live-action version of the show last year, the first half of the season, released in August, quickly won me over. I still want to hear Patrick Warburton's voice, but Peter Serafinowicz is at least as quirky in the title role. I burned through those six episodes in no time (I rarely binge-watch, but I've made exceptions for "The Tick," "Stranger Things," and "Ash vs. Evil Dead"), and I knew there were more coming, but I guess I'd lost track of when.

Amazon, along with Apple, Roku, and Google's YouTube, is under fire facing demands to drop the National Rifle Association's channel NRAtv from its streaming services. I'm no fan of the NRA's radical-right leadership, but with the second half of season 1 of "The Tick" being released this past Friday, and the first season of "Personal Space" coming this Friday, I'll still be an Amazon customer for at least the near future. I suppose I could get through the remaining six "Tick" episodes tonight... but I'm going to try to savor them this time. One, maybe two tonight.

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