Thursday, February 22, 2018


When I started reading this list of NJ's 31 best dive bars, I wasn't expecting to see anyplace I'd actually visited... but as it so happens, I've been to the number one dive bar, the Straphanger (though they're actually billing themselves as the New Strap Hanger now), twice. Most recently last week for Fat Tuesday. lol

I don't tend to spend a lot of time in bars, but this fun place in Hackensack (-ackackack) is one I could honestly hang around in for a few hours. I had a couple of beers the first time around, and last week I opted for some hurricanes in honor of Mardi Gras; the drinks were good, the staff was efficient, and the crowd was friendly and casual.  I would (and probably will) go back to the Strap Hanger.

Might need to make a few trips and check out some of the others on the list, too, but I guess it's some sort of badge of... honor?... that I've been to Jersey's top dive bar. Heh.

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