Friday, February 16, 2018


Thirteen Russian nationals, and three Russian firms, have been indicted for conspiracy to defraud the United States via the 2016 election interference. The Trump campaign has not been tied to this interference, nor has the special counsel determined whether or not it was effective in its goal of altering the election's outcome, but it just got a lot harder for Trump to reasonably claim (to responsible adults) that Russia didn't interfere. This would be a good time for members of Congress who still have spines to insist that he enforce a bipartisan sanctions bill that was passed last July.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation is moving along, too slowly for many, but it takes as long as it takes. Those of us who don't like what Trump stands for (when he stands for something), who don't like what he says or what he does, must accept that this investigation won't necessarily lead to an indictment and/or an impeachment of the Donald. Believe what you want, but neither you nor I know for an incontrovertible fact that he or anyone close to him colluded to steal the election. If it happened, and it can be proven, there'll be hell to pay. Otherwise, Mueller will conclude the investigation and many of the same people who cheer him on now will be accusing him of being bought.

Don't get me wrong. Trump's no angel, and he's probably done things, maybe even while in office, that could/should result in charges. Doesn't matter until and unless something can be produced that will stand up to a court's scrutiny. Regardless, this "information warfare" on the part of Russian actors, possibly on behalf of the Kremlin (with which the Internet Research Agency has close ties), can't be ignored or downplayed by the Petulant any longer, and our senators and Congresspeople need to press him on it. It's pretty clear where the "fake news" has been coming from all along.

Read the full indictment (if you're into that kind of thing) here.

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