Tuesday, January 30, 2018


I'm not interested in what Dotard Trump says in tonight's State of the Uniom address. If his actions tomorrow and henceforth don't demonstrate a genuine desire to help the Dreamers, to improve the nation's infrastructure (badly needed in my neck of the woods) - including getting Puerto Rico's power situation resolved, to commit to liberty and justice for all, to discuss global issues like climate change and international trade in a mature fashion with the rest of the world... hell, to discuss anything with anybody in a mature fashion, then his words, even if they are the best words, are devoid of meaning. Worse, they're self-serving lies.

"Union" hardly seems the appropriate term anymore. I don't wish harm on anyone, not even Trump, but there's a lot of ill will in this nation. There are a lot of people who've been convinced by themselves and/or the demagogues at both ends of America's political spectrum to believe that they, the others, the people in this country who feel differently than they do about the state of the union, are ignorant or spiteful or traitorous or evil. More likely some combination of all those. The fact is the vast majority of us just want to live our lives, surround ourselves with friends and family, grumble about our jobs, enjoy our sportsball games or Marvel movies or homebrewing or whatever it is that gives us some pleasure, and let others do the same. Whatever your feelings on religion or Confederate statues or firearms or gay marriage or draining the swamp or Pink Floyd's The Wall, odds are you don't want other people to be hurt or killed because they feel differently.

There's a lot of rhetoric and a lot of speechifyin' going on out there, and that's fine, but everyone should really take a deep breath (though the EPA is turning that into a bad idea) and remember that after all is said and done, we're still in this together. We ned to work together if we truly want to make America great. Just Republicans, just Democrats, just plutocrats or libertarians or progressives or Greens or socialists or moderates or extremists... just can't do it alone.

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