Monday, January 1, 2018


Nothing changes on New Year's Day...

For 2018, I've decided I'm going to write a 'blog post, a short one, every day of the year. Many of the posts will probably be more like journal entries than 'blog posts, perhaps giving me a chance to look back upon my thoughts and my frame of mind with a little context. Or perhaps not. At any rate, if I've got something longer than a sentence or two to say, I'd just as soon write it here and then link to the post; Facebook and Twitter are beginning to weary me again.

Don't worry: it's not always going to be a #resist post, or a rant about New Jersey Transit, or a squirrel picture... or a reminder to buy or listen to my album, I'll Live. As important as those four things are, there is in fact more to my life.

Forward into 2018! Well, I do still need to add two or three dozen December 2017 pictures to the Gallery... of Death! The Gallery now goes back as far as 1990, and I expect I'll have all my photos scanned and cleaned up within the next few months, so that's a project I'll be pleased to finish. Other than the pics, though, I'm trying to look forward, not back. May the future be brighter for us all.

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