Monday, July 4, 2016

Join My Song?

Happy Fourth of July! How would you like to add seven seconds of audio to one of my songs?

I've gotten a lot of work done on the tracks for my upcoming album, I'll Live, over the past few days, and I had an idea for one of them, "A Blur." I know a lot of musicians and singers and dabblers in the musical arts; it'd be awesome if I could get some of them to contribute their own short bits to the song, in the repeated verse at the end.

It's a very simple piece, and you can download stem files for the drums, bass, guitar, and vocal parts I've recorded here. It's just an E5 and an A5 chord, and the line "Better that your life be a blur than a blurb!" at 136 bpm. I'd be delighted to add your vocal and/or instrumental recording to "A Blur," and of course your name (and URL if you want to share one) would be credited in the liner notes once I self-release the album later this year. Whatever you want to do that fits with the tempo and idea would be welcome, as simple or as complex as you want to be, and it doesn't need to be perfectly quantized and recorded at the highest bit-depth known to man or machine. And hey, it's only seven seconds...

Anyway, thought I'd ask. Please drop me an E-mail ( if you'd like to take part or have any questions, and have a great July!

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