Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May Day! May Day!

It's May Day once again, and while I spent the last one marching and playing tunes with the Occupy Guitarmy in the streets of Manhattan (led by one Nightwatchman, also known as Rage Against the Machine's Tom Morello), I'm sitting this one out.  By which I mean that I'm at work.

May Day 2012 in Union Square with the Occupy Guitarmy

I still support Occupy, and the idea that we common men have (or should have) at least as much of a say in our government and society as the fatcat bankers and business owners and politicians.  I've just had too much on my plate and on my mind to commit the time to learning the songs and spending the day in New York.  In fact, I've decided not to do Make Music New York this year, despite taking part for the past five years.  Between the Webcomic and the wedding, I can't spare too much time for the music, at least not right now.  Perhaps I'll shift my efforts and put out a digital EP, rather than the full Tougher Than Flannel album that's still in the works, around the time we get married, but that remains to be seen.

Laura and I did manage to spare a weekend and have some fun in Massachusetts, even though the Boston Comic Con was postponed at the last minute (it's now rescheduled for August 3-4; not sure if we're going) and we couldn't spend too much time in Boston proper.  We've still got all these Slime buttons we'd planned on giving out!  She enjoyed spending some time at WEBS and other yarn shops, and we had a great breakfast at Zaftigs on Saturday morning and a tasty Indian meal at Masala Art in Needham on Friday night (while the second bombing suspect was being apprehended not ten miles away!).  Before heading to Salem on Saturday afternoon for some wandering and dinner, we did take in Boston Common and the Public Garden:

Laura and me in Boston's Public Garden

Getting tasks accomplished is a good feeling, and it's even better when you find them meaningful.  I wish you great productivity and self-satisfaction today, no matter what you're working at (or who you're working for).  Happy May Day!

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