Tuesday, August 1, 2017

All I've Got Is A Photograph

The Gallery... of Death! is growing. There are almost 9,000 pictures posted already, currently spanning from 1998 through... well, this afternoon. If we've spent any time together in the last 19 years, you're probably in the Gallery somewhere. The latest iteration loads rather slowly, and I haven't moved the captions over yet, but at least I don't have to wrestle with Apple or Google for control anymore. The loading speed and the captions will be addressed so

I'm slowly making my way backwards (doing 1997 at the moment), as all my earlier pics are physical prints, not digital files, and scanning and editing them takes time. In the process, I'm finding myself looking at images and remembering events that had been out of mind for a long while. Faces and places I'd not seen in ages are suddenly fresh (well, fresher) in my memories, and I'm trying to bob on the wave of nostalgia, rather than letting it drown me.

There's sometimes a sense of wistfulness, of longing for what's gone, or regret for how things turned out. There is, however, also a sense of joy, to see and think about all the interesting things I've done so far, and all the amazing people I know and have known. Yeah, I need to be reminded every now and again. The pics also serve as a reminder that my story's not over yet, and there will be more people, places, and things in my life... and more photographs.

I post a handful of pics to Facebook and Twitter and Google+ (no, I don't use Instagram), but if you want to see everything, you've got to check out the Gallery. Some of my photos are too dark, or too light, or too blurry. Some have too much of me in 'em. (Yes, there are selfies.) A couple of them actually look incredible. In the end, though, I'm not trying to win photography awards. I'm just trying to document my life. Like in these pictures from my recent trip to Key West with friends:

Wait... is that Zima?!?

Kayaking in the Keys

And this photo of Waxahatchee at Warsaw in Brooklyn last month, featuring Katie Crutchfield and her twin sister Allison:

And this pretty cool one of Nick Cave visiting the audience at the Beacon Theatre back in June:

And literally thousands more in the Gallery, of my parents and my friends and my colleagues (and my colleagues who are friends) and my lovers (and my lovers who were colleagues) and bands I've seen and on and on, separated by year and sorted chronologically. Oh, and if you're wondering about the "...of Death!" thing, well, maybe the "Life... of Death!" issue of the Underground Giraffe will help clarify things. Then again, maybe not.

P.S. - The 'blog post title is a line in both a Ringo Starr song and a Def Leppard song.

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